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Who We Are

The Dallas Chapter of Conscious Capitalism (CC Dallas) is a collection of like-minded and curious individuals who want more from our work than just a paycheck. We range from C-level executives to mid-level managers to young professionals building a career foundation. Our community has attracted entrepreneurs, innovators, high-achievers and trailblazers. And we gather in a relaxed atmosphere where suits are rare and friendliness is abundant. We invite you to come and see if Conscious Capitalism is right for you.

Our Purpose

To be a resource and community of practice for leaders on a purpose-driven journey to elevate business in North Texas and beyond.

What we're about

Like the national organization, the CC Dallas Chapter was formed to elevate and broaden the traditional way businesses operate. Conscious Capitalism is built on the belief that the foundations of capitalism – voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade and the rule of law – can also support the attributes of purpose-driven organizations – trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation.

Get Involved

If you get it, help us spread the word! The groundswell for Conscious Capitalism in Dallas only continues with dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and talents. If you are a member and interested in getting more involved, we would love to have you on one of our three important committees. Click below to contact the leaders of each committee to inquire about how your strengths can help us reach our vision of CC in Big D!

Membership Committee:

Marketing/Communications Committee:

Programming Committee:

Our guiding principles
The Tenets

Our guiding principles

Higher Purpose

Recognizing that every business has a purpose that includes, but is more than, making money. By focusing on its Higher Purpose, a business inspires, engages and energizes its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Orientation

Recognizing that the interdependent nature of life and the human foundations of business, a business needs to create value with and for its various stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors, investors, communities, etc.). Like the life forms in an ecosystem, healthy stakeholders lead to a healthy business system.

Conscious Leadership

Human social organizations are created and guided by leaders – people who see a path and inspire others to travel along the path. Conscious Leaders understand and embrace the Higher Purpose of business and focus on creating value for and harmonizing the interests of the business stakeholders. They recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate Conscious Culture.

Conscious Culture

This is the ethos – the values, principles, practices – underlying the social fabric of a business, which permeates the atmosphere of a business and connects the stakeholders to each other and to the purpose, people and processes that comprise the company.

The People Who Drive CC Dallas

Board of Directors

Tina Young, Chair

CEO at Marketwave

LeeAnn Mallory, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Founder, Rise Leaders

Lisa Weaver, Past Chair

Director of Client Solutions at Interaction Associates

Becky Haislip, Co-Treasurer

Chief Accounting Officer for At Home

Cary Broussard, Past Chairman

Managing Partner at Broussard Global

Jay Swindle, Co-Treasurer

Principal at Stagen

Sophia Stoller, Co-Chair of Programming

Associate Director of Communications at Apple Leisure Group

Bethany Hilton, Co-Chair of Programming

Account Manager at Improving

Brenda Rodriguez, Co-Chair Programming

Business Development Manager at TDIndustries

Daffnee White, Co-Chair Membership

Director of Integral Leadership for Stagen

Ashley Ball, Co-Chair Membership

IT Project Manager for Interstate Batteries

Brandi Beakley, Co-Chair of Marketing/Communications

Chief Experience Officer at driverselect.com

Ryan George, Co-Chair of Marketing/Communications

Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications at 1st Global

Advisory Board

Doug Levy

CEO at TapGoods, CEO at Technology Spa & Senior Strategic Partner at Moroch Holdings

Scott Miller

President and CEO at Interstate Batteries

Rand Stagen

Managing Director at STAGEN

Steve Hall

CEO at driversselect.com

Audrey Robertson

Executive Vice President of Culture & Strategic Assistant to the CEO at The Container Store

Curtis Hite

CEO at Improving

Brian Schultz

Owner at Studio Movie Grill

Josh Paine

Partner at Providence Interactive Capital, LLC

David Knoch

President at 1st Global

Linda Dunkel

CEO at Bali Institute for Global Renewal

Scott Flowers

Chief Banking Officer at First United Bank

Amy Ross

CEO and Founder at HumanKindHR

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