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Chapter Meeting | Unconscious Bias - Impact on Business Performance | James Pogue, Ph.D

  • 03/08/2019
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • The Brain Performance Institute 2200 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75235
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Chapter Meeting | Unconscious Bias 

The Impact on Business Performance

James Pogue, Ph.D

CEO, James Pogue Enterprises

Unconscious bias is a fact of life -- our evolved subconscious response to situations that shape decisions. In business, unconscious bias influences culture, team interactions and performance.

James Pogue, Ph.D, CEO of James Pogue Enterprises will share the latest unconscious bias research and the impact it has on all of us:

  • Learn the biases that are most likely to influence organization and teams
  • Recognize the “us” and “them” groups that often form
  • Clarify the connection between unconscious bias and organizational performance

You will learn ways to:

  • Increase productivity managing the 5 most impactful biases in the workplace
  • Learn the “newest” bias and its incredible power in your organization
  • Make clear the business rationale for engaging in an unconscious bias reduction program

James Pogue, Ph.D

James Pogue, Ph.D is a multi-generational expert, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and educator on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. 

His work provides leaders with well-researched data partnered with highly engaged training to drive their ability to impact behavior and the bottom line.

He weaves together funny anecdotes and riveting tales that encourage audiences to strengthen their own leadership, drive change and question the status quo.